• Sarah

10 legged walk

This is my lovely, nervous new girl who is getting over her nervousness. She does not like to get into the van, or not into the kennel part anyway! She quite happily hops into the footwell of the passenger side so we have agreed she can sit on the passenger seat with a seatbelt attachment clipped to her harness (not her collar - more of this later). We walked together with the Ginger Nutcase on Friday and this time I managed to stay upright for the duration (see previous post for evidence hat this is not a given). It was quiet up at Firehills and we did some recall training and both dogs had a good off lead sprint. This girl behaved beautifully, the only mishap of the walk being that I clipped her lead to her collar instead of her harness and the D ring broke off her collar - apparently its only for holding the ID tag - so more evidence that I should sack myself from my own employment.


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