• Sarah

a long short week in dogstar life

It feels like we have had all the weather this week. The top two pictures are Guestling wood last Sunday, we had our jumpers tied round our waists and could have worn trainers instead of wellies. The other two are the beach at Combe Valley Countryside Park, jumpers were worn but we still had a good walk, chased some sticks and stones and got sand in our hair/fur. The black and white dog is my beautiful nervous new (not so new now) girl. This week we walked together and she jumped into the van quite happily at the beginning and end of the walk, so her confidence is growing and that makes me happy and proud. Today it was a six legged walk just me and the Ginger Nut. It was cold and rainy on the beach but we met a woman and her dog who kept us company with ball throwing and chat, that seems to keep the cold out. I am going to try and remember that in future.

We went out last night, out out as Mr Flanagan would say. We'd earned a night out after a busy week with little respite.Had some beers, heard some music courtesy of Bobby Fuego's Fat Fingers of Funk in the Dolphin Inn, we know how to go out out in Hastings! Tonight I am doing my first set of monthly accounts to find out how much I should pay myself. Lets hope for a nice surprise.


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