• Sarah

Low tide, high mud

The sea kale (crambe maritima) is flowering all along the beach, it smells so good. It smells like distilled honey in heaven, I just kept sniffing and sniffing like one of the dogs, I didn't want to let the smell go. How can something so closely related to the brussel sprout smell so intoxicatingly beautiful? Fortunately I had this experience in the second half of my walk.

There was a low, low tide today when I arrived for my Monday morning walk with 3 companions. There were unexpected patches of sinky, stinky mud that clung to paws, wellies and bellies. It got inside one of my boots and worked its way into the dogs fur, it crept insidiously up my trousers and their legs. It smelt of the sea but not your refreshing, tourist town, hint of salt and ozone sea. It smelt of the real sea, of crabs legs and empty mollusc shells, of sea life, sea death, sea weed and sea slime, of unidentifiable soft and blobby organisms and tiny, ripe squirming things. It smelled of seagulls poo.

The dogs loved it.

I uploaded the photos twice by accident but I liked the way it looked so I kept it.


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