• Sarah

Not a ragged robin

Its been a full week in Hastings, Monday was Jack in The Green with good sunny weather to celebrate the Summer. There were many dogs involved and I managed to take no good pictures of them. dogs are hard to photograph, they are so wiggly and waggy and not-stay-stilly.

Its been a fabulous week for walking on the beach and in the country park; weather cooler but sunny, most of the mud has dried up - although my dog (the GN) seeks it out delightedly like a pig seeking a truffle. I have seen a common but very pretty pink wildflower coming out, I have always called it ragged robin. Its actually pink campion so apologies to everyone I have misinformed over the years. Those of you who know me are aware that I would have confidently asserted that this was ragged robin as I am never wrong (until today).

I got my first booking this week that was not a friend, friend of a friend or relative of a friend, it was someone who had seen one of my adverts - so proud!


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