• Sarah

Such fun!

A clean and bright morning at Fairlight in Hastings Country Park. I have a new walking companion with me. She is a beautiful and very nervous girl (picture on Friday when I next see her I promise) but stands with me beautifully on her lead while I chat to an old friend I have just seen in the car park. My own dog (the Ginger Nutcase pictured) has other ideas and suddenly runs around old friend and wraps the lead around her legs. I am forced to drop the lead or risk old friend being tipped over and the Ginger Nutcase - delighted with gaining freedom unexpectedly early on in the proceedings - bolts to the middle of the field and sits there looking mightily pleased with herself. I call her and she heads back to me. All good you would think, order restored. Sadly this is too good to last, the GN is almost back to me, then she feints left and jumps up to me, spooking my beautiful nervous new girl in the process. nervous new girl runs into my legs from the other side I end up up sitting on my a**e in the mud, giggling like an idiot and blushing like a radish. All this is witnessed by about 15-20 other people who find it hilarious. Old friend politely asks me if I have a business card I could give her, more from pity than for any other reason I suspect. I hand one over, still giggling and brushing mud from my jeans. I should sack myself really.


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